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Listing Highlights:

                                                   Asking                    Sales                       Cash Flow                 Location

Popular Mexican Rest.        $200,000              $1,111,000             $200,000                 New Haven County

#1 BBQ Restaurant             $130,000               $890,000               $91,273                      Hartford County

Best Breakfast in Town      $179,000                $520,000               $75,000                    Tolland County

Profitable Bistro-                 $625,000               $2,400,000            $300,000                 Litchfield County

Shoreline Sports Bar-         $625,000                $1,800,000            $285,000                 New London County  

Busy Diner Operation         $300,000               $1,100,000             $2oo,000                 New London County

All American Rest./Bar-     $300,000                 $1,500,000           $200,000                Windham County